Gratitude Graffiti Project – Nov. 19

Gratitude Graffiti Project Held Nov. 19 at Peg Noonan Park

          Gratitude – it helps us feel better when we express it. We even get a boost of good feelings when we read what others are grateful for. The public Gratitude Graffiti Art Project, scheduled for Saturday, Nov. 19, helps you do both.

          Located at Peg Noonan Park in downtown Falmouth, the gratitude art project allows people to write what they are thankful on a large canvas board that is labeled “I Am Thankful For….”. In addition to writing what they are thankful for, people also can read what others have written, and share their stories with one another. Colorful markers will be available.

The project premiered last year with hundreds of people participating.

          “Being grateful is so important to our wellbeing. Whatever it is, we need to say thank you more often,” said Rev. Nell Fields, minister of the Waquoit Church. “We want to invite people in town to share what they are grateful for, especially during this holiday season. It’s transformative to express gratitude. Why not do it as a community?”

The Waquoit Church isn’t alone in their realization of the power of gratitude. After sharing the idea with friends, a number organizations in Falmouth signed on to sponsor this public gratitude art project.

“We have so much to be grateful for,” Chamber of Commerce director Michael Kasparian said. “Let’s say it. Let’s share it. Let’s make it public. We will be there on Saturday, and we hope to engage people – residents and visitors, alike –  in this fun, uplifting project.”

Other organizations that have signed on include The 300 Committee, Falmouth Education Fund, Neighborhood Falmouth, Falmouth Service Center, No Place for Hate Falmouth, Belonging to Each Other, Racial Justice Falmouth. Representatives from these groups will help staff the activity throughout the day. Hours are 11 am – 3 pm.

The Gratitude Graffiti Art Project will be opened Saturday, Nov. 19 from 11 am – 3 pm. The public is invited to participate. For more information, contact Rev. Fields at 339-927-8972.