Photographer Brings Portrait Series on Gender Identity to Waquoit – Feb 25

Photographer Brings Portrait Series on Gender Identity to Waquoit – Feb 25, 2 pm

Cape Cod-based photographer Julia Cumes will present her portrait series exploring gender identity at the Waquoit Church on Sunday, Feb. 25 at 2 pm. The portraits will be shown in an electronic format. The presentation is free and opened to the public.

Created through a collaborative process between photographer and subject, each portrait and caption in this collection tells the unique story of its subject’s journey.

“This project was initially inspired by my nephew who is trans and who made me realize how little visual representation there was of the transgender community on Cape Cod,” Cumes said. “One of the people I photographed and interviewed told me that statistically, there are more people who think they’ve seen a ghost than people who think they’ve seen a trans person. I was so struck by this comment and hope the project leads to greater understanding and appreciation of this vital community and their individual stories and contributions.”

The presentation is part of the Waquoit Church’s mission to welcome, support, and affirm people of all gender identities.

“We are excited to share Julia’s portrait series with people in the Falmouth area,” said Lisa Higgins, a member of Waquoit outreach team. “This is an important subject that we all need to learn more about. Her protrits give visibility and voice tot hose who are soeti,es not seen or heard.”

Cumes, a South African-born photographer based on Cape Cod for over 22 years, is passionate about storytelling and capturing real moments of human connection as well as expressive portraits. Having focused on stories about women and the struggles they face worldwide throughout her career, her new exhibit showcases her interest in giving visibility and voice to those who are sometimes
not seen or heard. To see more of her work, visit Julia’s website at

The Waquoit Church is located at 15 Pasrsons Lane on the corner of Route 28 in E. Falmouth. For more information, contact the church at 508-548-5269.